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Re: loopers radio station.

> O H   M Y   G O D!

Maybe overstating a bit...

>>the Cranes sound like a baby locked in a toolbox"!!!) 

At least an attempt at a creative description. CRAP tells me nothing. Get 
constuctive if possible.

> Would liberal usage of the acronym IMHO, have protected my burning ass?

That still doesn't elaborate in any constructive way. (But it might help! 

>> I wanna know what criterea people are judging with.

> Very good point! Maybe my biggest mistake was not critisising the music 
>at all, but not being detailed/specific enough in my critisism. I was not 
>intending on giving a complete review of each and every track myself, but 
>to start a discussion between list members on their music.

Just say what you mean then... say "Lets discuss" instead of "You're all 

>I'm also interested in possibly hearing examples of Mark's techniques...

> Ive put some mp3s on a webpage at http://www.8day.com/redweb/ for this 
>very purpose,

I'm gonna check it out! I know many Cranes fans and would love to hear 
some meself! I'm not exactly precious about my stuff... And I can take 
criticism... just give me something to go with... I need some caloric 
content in my criticism or it does me no good...

> and... NAH! wait a minute, Im getting all nervous now, and hence making 
>excuses, go ahead...listen and critisize away to your hearts content, I 
>can take it ...I think!!! humbly yours
Mark Red

Hey Mark! You're stating to sound pretty good now! I think you made 
sensationalist comments to get some personal promo mileage! Hmmmm.... Have 
you checked out Andre Lafosse's site? 


I agree with Kim that he's done a great job and has some truly unique 
ideas and tonalities which still manage to have a familiar inviting 
quality not present in much looping I've heard. Might not be your cup 'o 
tea, but I find it refreshing. Gotta get his cd for a full listen.

Anyway... I'm glad this has progressed (albeit painfully) towards some 
useful discussion. Good save Mark!