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Re: loopers radio station.

Dear Mark,

Thanks for taking the time to check out everyone's radio tunes.  Sorry
they didn't pass muster for you.  

A few thoughts:

> > sorry if someone spent alot of time setting up and uploading their CRAP
> > to the site 

No need to apologize, Mark, I don't blame you for the time engendered in
the set-up and uploading of my CRAP (emphasis yours).

> > but, to me, looping isnt just pressing hold every once in a
> > while to make a perfectly OK bit of music skip like a bad CD!

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't press "hold" at any time
during the construction of my track.  Nor is there a "hold" button on
any of my gear.  Nor was there a "perfectly OK" piece of pre-existing
music to make skip.  Maybe you can elaborate?  Then again, given what
I've seen of your mailing list contributions, maybe you can't.

> > One or two pieces were quite ...er...nice, but they were too " I wish I
> > was fripp/torn(insert muso here)" for me.

If you can point me in the direction of anyone who's getting the same
sounds out of an Echoplex Digital Pro as are on my LD radio track,
please speak up.  

> > I just meant that the facinating and intelligent remarks and 
> > that I have found on this mailing list, such as hypnosis, droning,
> > microtonality, experimental midi configurations, spiritualism, noise,
> > etc etc etc... not to mention the useful info concerning equipment,
> > uses, conversions, modifications etc etc etc, was NOT reflected (TO ME)
> > by the standard of music I heard on this site, and that I thought that
> > that was a shame.

Half of the items you're talking about (MIDI configurations,
conversions, modifications, etc) are *TOOLS*.  They're things you use to
get a job done; they're not statements in themselves.  You can have the
most tweezed-out, experimentally-constructed rig around, but that
doesn't mean you're going to automatically make interesting music.

The other half of the things you're talking about (hypnosis,
spiritualism, noise and so on) are such abstract and indistinct
categories that they could be applied to most anything.

So sure, I could talk about Unquantized Echoplex Insertion techniques,
Asymmetrical Loop Reverse Points, Real Time Overdubbed Looping overlaid
against Step Time Nonlinear Looping, the Post-DJ notion of the remix and
of a piece never truly being "finished", Recombinant Beat Variation
utilizing re-ordering or "chopping" of single loops into various
permutations, or the intersection between the "conventional vernaculars"
of real-time looping convention and DJ-based dialectics.  All these
things are present on my track.  

Maybe that will help you enjoy the material more.  Better yet, maybe you
can mull over these sorts of muso armchair abstractions indefinitely,
safe from the proving ground of actual sound, and not have to actually
suffer the shock of realizing that endless threads of intellectual
mailing list philosophizing may not actually take shape  in the form of
music that you like!

--Andre LaFosse