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Re: jamman questions

>    I know these are boring old issues, but now they pertain to me!  Where
>can I get reliable memory upgrades for my JamMan, at the best price?  I
>located one seller who offers the four zip chips for $80, assuring the
>quality, and though I know this is cheaper than a few years ago, looking
>through the archives, I wonder if I can't do better.

$80 is not bad considering that i paid twice that for my first jamman,and
about $120 for the second one.

Poor folks like me...buying ram for computers and electronics before we
could even conceptualize 'price shopping' for the damn stuff.

there's probably even a few dollars still on my credit card from the $700 i
had to pay for 16mb of Power Mac ram in '94.

Believe me...opening up the jamman to 32 seconds for $80 is worth it.  Just
have a load of fun getting the memory in and out.  yuck.  easy on those

>What is the latest on the ROM upgrade by Bob Sellon?  Anyone know?

what's up with this thing?  Sellon's upgrade is as ephemeral as EDP
shipping dates...I got no response from contacting him directly.

And for the Off Topic subject o' the day.  Just got my v2.0 upgrade for my
Line6 POD, and i must say, for under $300, this is an awesome, flexible
sonic machine if you record guitar direct, and the new software makes it
even better!