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Re: possible small gig for New York loopers

I'm on the west coast, so no go for me, but i wanted to say that i think
this is awesome!  The LD list strikes again at connecting people...

hope it goes well.

and good luck to the Santa Cruz looper jam.  enjoy.  i wish i could be a
fly on the wall (with earplugs...imagine all of those EDP's...whew)


>so, I have a chance to book a few Tuesdays in the small room at the
>Knitting Factory this summer.
>the pay will be small beans (unless we get a lot of people) but the room
>itself is quite good and the artistic freedom is excellent.
>the name of the series is Bunker Extreme (it's a collaboration between the
>Bunker Annex series and extreme NY, thus the name) and it's intended for
>people's other, experimental, too weird, too annoying, or somehow 
>do let me know if you are interested in a slot here.  please enclose your
>preferred Tuesdays in July and August, though dates are very unfirm right 
>       /t
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