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Re: new list content? (visual elements)

>I'll second Kevin's question, and encourage those that have some
>experience to talk about visuals with music (w/ or w/out loops).  ...

One of my playing contexts is with an organization named TransSonic Music. 
is an improvisation group currently consisting of three musicians (guitar,
keyboard, percussion), two verbalizers (spoken word, spoken word/singing), 
dancers, and one videographer.

So most of the visual focus is on the dancers and video.  The videographer 
trying different equipment.  She's been using pretty basic stuff - VCRs,
projector, screen - and concentrating more on the visual context.  For 
she had a tape of the dancers from another show which she projected onto 
live dancers.

Sometimes during a show, each performer does a solo presentation or we have
duets (video/percussion, etc), trios, etc.  I really like shifting from one
medium to another.

>...  Isn't
>it a pain to carry around all that extra gear???

Actually, the dancers are rather small and tend to be self-powered...  :)  
plus they're real troopers and help me carry MY stuff!

I've got a few CD-Rs of part of our first show, if anybody is interested.

Dennis Leas