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RE: Problems with Oberheim

I believe I am in the early stages of this problem as well.

Occasionally, (starting 45 days ago), my loops will record "dirty." It's
very random, so much so that I've always dismissed the trouble as a
third party problem that i was unaware of (eg; lights, dimmer switches).
Since the problem only happens when I record I deduced the problem could
be in the SIMMS. I plan to change them at the end of my next ( set of
gigs (Thanks Shane!), but I'm scared to death to touch it before this

Any clue as to what woes that may be before me? My plex is now my style,
without it I might as well play drums. Yes, I'm dependent on a machine,
but affording a "spare" is pretty tough. I will say this my jammen were
very limited and 1/10 the machine an echoplex is, but is was very

I bought my plex used from a confused seller one year ago, but without a
warranty i'm starting to get worried.  

Todd Quincy
BC Rich, Kustom, D&H

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> Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2000 4:29 PM
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> Subject:      Problems with Oberheim 
>     Hi,
> During my very important last concert, my EDP emited an appaling
> crack! After few minutes of using four loops, when I was using the
> loop nr one, on the unit's dysplay there was showed "0" and all loops
> desappeard. It was completely hopeless-pressing all buttons  on my
> footpedal and main unit, there was no respond and the display still
> showed "0" .Only after reswitched " on and off"  devce stearted to
> work . 
> For some time, and recently even always, the loops I recorded are
> accompanying with  very loud noise ( such like digital rubbish) .
> Especialy third and fourth  loop and recently even second one  are
> full of these noises.   
>  Kim Flint recomended to clean the connections up or remove
> the Simms. 
>   After Kim's advice I cleaned the conectoins but the problem (noises)
> still existed. When I replaced the Simms problem disappeared but only
> for some time.I tried various combinations of Simms to find out which
> one is bad, unfortunately the noises appear at all Simms (even at
> these original from Oberheim - 4x1MG). The third "red"display the
> bottom line of the digit eight does not light. May it have some
> connection with these noises or it means that something else does not
> work propely.
>  Pleas help me !  Has anyone else ever got the similar problem .
>                                         desperate Hefi hefi@go2.pl
> <mailto:hefi@go2.pl>