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Dual pedal control on EDP; also wish list

Hi guys--Just got finished putting the EDP in my solo rack for the first
time--first official gig with it is tomorrow morning, so I put everything
together in anticipation.  This was the first time I tried using my PMC-10
to control the new looper (I was using a Jamman), so I had to write new
patches.  The second patch I did was MIDI volume control, and WOW!  More
control than ever!  As a guitarist, having two volume pedals, one for 
of the loopage and one for feedback is almost critical!  Is there any way
you could have a soft toggle on the overdub jack and hook a volume pedal up
there for volume control?  This is less important for me, but it might be
something to consider (since you're working on an upgrade anyway).  Maybe
the jack could recognize whether it's a pedal or a footswitch and respond
Food for thought,
PS  Rah rah rah, Go EDP