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Re: Line 6 DL4 or Boomerang?

At 10:19 AM 6/13/00, Mike Biffle wrote:
>* The new Boomerang Phrase Sampler V2.0 software will have 2
>independent loops with a couple of modes for transitioning between
>them. One mode, called AB1, smoothly transitions to loop B, plays it
>once, then goes back to playing loop A, all with one button press.

Wow, this looks very cool!
>* A higher sample rate has been added; original max was 16KHz, new
>max rate is 24KHz. This drops the sample time to 1 min 27 sec. While
>it's not CD quality, it's a lot crisper.

You mean I only can do 1 and a half minute loops! On NO! (actually, I don't
think I've ever made a loop on the Boomie longer than a minute, and usually
they're just a few bars)
>* The stack button can be programmed to be either latching or

This is COOL! I have a few tricks that I do with the Boomie that depend on
the momentary stack button, but generally when layering stuff, a latching
switch would be better. Making the switch user-configurable is great!
>* You can go directly from recording to stacking. Press record to
>start recording, then press stack to conclude recording and enter
>stack (overdub) mode.

Again, very cool!
>* There are 7 selectable decay rates. On the original the decay rate
>was fixed at about 2.3dB. The rates are as follows: 1 is no decay, 2
>is the original rate (about 20-25 repeats), 3-6 are progressively
>quicker decays and are great when using the Rang as a pure delay, and
>7 is slapback (1 repeat). The new decay rates & latching stack button
>make the Rang a great sounding digital delay with tap tempo. The foot
>roller becomes the delay level when used like this.

Wow, yet another extremely cool feature! Now I can't wait for the upgrade!
Mike, Mike, can you hear me????
>* The record button can be programmed to behave as it does now or be
>disabled during playback. Some folks didn't want to worry about
>hitting it while adjusting the foot roller.
>* The half speed concept has been replaced by slow speed, and you
>have your choice of five. All are musically related to "normal" speed.
>The choices are down a 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th or octave. The pitch drops
>and the playback is slowed like the current software going to half

Oh man! I guess I'm glad I didn't see this the first time it was posted,
then I'd've gotten all excited over the upgrade long ago. This is just too
>* This one is small, but an improvement. Originally, if you pressed
>once, the next press of play(stop) would stop the loop. Now you can
>transition between "continuous" play and play once mode. Confusing?
>Here's what you can do that you couldn't before. Start an existing
>loop with several stutters or re-starts and then smoothly transition
>into playing the loop repeatedly.

Actually, this makes total sense to me, and I can absolutely see using it!
>* There are improvements on clicks that occasionally occur at loop
>boundaries, particularly when using the Rang in continuous reverse
>mode (live reverse lead mode).
>* And finally, we completed the button behavior. For example, in the
>original, if you were stacking, the reverse button didn't do anything.
>This and all other basic scenarios are fixed. Now you can be stacking
>additional parts and freely reverse direction. All the new features
>are ADDITIONS. That is, no original features, even the lower sampling
>rates, have been omitted or replaced. The once button shares duty as
>the loop A/B button. The reverse or stack buttons are held down to
>enter program mode.
>-- Mike Nelson Boomerang Musical Products 800-530-4699 PO Box 541595
>214-340-6913, Outside USA Dallas, TX 75354-1595 214-343-1038, Fax

Wow, all I can say is that it looks like the Boomie is taking a serious
step up in capabilities. I really can't wait for the ROMS to be made

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