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Re: [GIG] Mathias Grob & Claude Voit in Switzerland

Can you guys record your perfomance and post mp3's to some website???
I'd bet there are many who would love to hear it.

Pretty please! :-)


Claude voit wrote:
> I have the pleasure to invite Mathias for a little "Chill out/Garden
> party" total improv concert
> Claude Voit: Accoustic guitar + one man band rig
> Mathias Grob: Electric Guitar + ????
> where: Nyon (on the Geneva lake)
> event: Fete de la musique (400 musicians of _all_ kind spread in the
> city from early to very late)
> when:june 17; 9 pm (21h); till the night
> where exactly: lake side East (usine a gaz), near the boat crane
> nobody knows what we are going to play, so be there
> :=)
> Claude