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Re: TC D-Two Delay

Hi Dan... Everything looks great on the D-Two... I'm still wanting to
know a couple things though before I sell the cow...

1. Does it have a delay HOLD function?

2. Is there a midi control change parameter for delay INPUT level so
one can smoothly swell the volume level going to just the delays, then
slip out and let the delay trails continue to regenerate?


>>> dan sumner <permadan@yahoo.com> 06/12 5:14 AM >>>
I think it will have to be a totaling of all delay
times used in a nights worth of music.  Then I'm going
to win for sure!!!!!!  Maybe we could get TC to
sponsor the contest with a prize, trip to Hawaii????? 
But who would be a good judge?
In all seriousness, the D2 has met all of my
expectations.  It is so clean, and the filters and
other effects it offers on the delays work magic for
--- the Reverend Rob <reverendrob@realm-of-shade.com>
> At or around 11:04 PM 6/11/00 -0400, Tim Nelson
> wrote:
> >At 05:56 PM 6/11/00 -0700, Dan Sumner wrote:
> >>...  Noone uses delay as much as I do...  
> >
> >Oh boy, now THERE'S a can of worms! Let the
> competition begin!
> Yeah, how are we going to judge this?  Delay time? 
> Feedback rate?  Number
> of units run in serial, or perhaps parallel?  Does
> modulation add bonus
> points?  
> 93/156
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