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> > On or around 08:57 PM 6/6/00 +0200, Theresa Curley said:
> > >is this list just about this echoplex toy?
> >
> > An awful lot of the time, yes, it is, and that's generally IMO
> unfortunate.
> I agree. LD is turning into an EDP support site. :(
> - Larry T

so quit whining about it and bring up some other topics! 

The echoplex topic has waxed and waned many times over the last 3.5 years 
this list, as have other topics. There is nothing new about that, it just
reflects what trends happen to be going on that week. A lot of people 
echoplexes in the last month, so they want to talk about it. 6 months ago
this seemed like a Line6 DL-4 support site. Another time it was boomerangs,
another it was acid, or headrushes, or jammans, or digitech delays, or
whatever was popular at the moment. Not to mention a gazillion non-gear
topics. Check the archives and see for yourself. 

It changes all the time, if you want to discuss something else, go right