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Re: R: admittedly off-topic

Que tal andy,
Es muy facil yo tuve que hacer lo mismo solamente compra un transformador 
110v a 220v asegurate de que tengas minimo 100 watts y con eso tienes mas
que suficiente para tus efectos.Los que usan adaptadores wallwart se
consiguen aquí facilmenteYo lo he comprado en international electronics en
San Diego Ca.la compañía se llama Even Star pero seguramente puedes
encontrarlos en Mexico.
buena suerte en Francia!
>    I´m moving to France from Mexico (we use same VC down here in Mexico 
> in the States)and I was going to ask fot the same question: what to do
> VC conversion??? I don´t have problems with my amp wich has a VC 
> but what about effects and loopers??? most of my ground stuff is
> Electro-Harmonix with power cords, no problem with the ones I can use
> batteries with, but what with the others?? and with my Boomerang?? do I
> to buy a transformer for EACH pedal? one for all?? please we need some
> advice (very much!) with this!!!
>   Andy in Mexico City