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Re: acoustic ebow experiences?


    Hey man, haven't tried a tamboura out before, but it should be pretty 
happening, none-the-less.  I've used my older E-Bow on lots of differing 
acoustic instruments, but have had some wild results with a lap dulcimer 
a few friends' acoustic guitars.  The big difference is in finding the 
spot" where the instrument is giving you the most volume when you are 
activating a string with the E-Bow.  You'll find with an acoustic 
it isn't going to give you as much volume and that there are a number of 
different sweet spots on the instrument (this is true for electrics, but 
again, the volume won't be there unless you're near or over top of a 

    Try playing just a little above a harmonic node on your instrument, 
that if it were a guitar, you'd place/move the E-Bow up to the halfway 
between the 17th and 18th frets.  

    Yes, I know, the tamboura is a fretless instrument, but you'll get the 
picture.  If my memory servers you're more prone to brushing the strings 
this one than you are of actually plucking them, so an E-Bow should give 
some pretty happening and slow sounds.

    Loop on, tap on, gliss out,