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Re: miditrigger noises with echoplex digital pro

>at the moment I'm composing for two flutes , voice an liveelectronice. My
>problem is, that when I trigger over midisequenzes  the  record loops, the
>echoplex digital pro creates at the beginning and the end of the trigger a
>disgusting 'plopp-sound', with allways the same volume (no
>sample-wave-cut-noise). I set samplerstyle to attack and record mode to
>save me, please
>with best wishes
>dorothée hahne

are you saying, that it does not happen if you trigger them from the 
front keys?
I have never seen this.
If the blopp happens in other situations, too, it might be the DC 
aligning, a trimmer, easy to set...

>p.s. before I'm wasting more time, do anybody knows, where I can find a
>manual in german language?

there is no translation of the oficial Oberheim. But the original 
LOOP delay manual was written in german. It does not fit perfectly 
well, because the LOOP delay had less functions (no Next loops, less 
parameters, mainly).
If its not on the site yet, we can put it there... Kim?

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