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Re: show and tell

Hallo Jochen,
I am from Mexico living here in Germany as a musician since 1997. I do need
some information on how i to get adresses and contacts to producers since 
are planing on recording our second CD. I am also very interested in
international rights. Where are you studing? I am in Konstanz and planning
also to study Multimedia entwickler in Friedrichshafen. there is the SAE
multimedia college also but is rather expensive!
Take care and hope to hear from you!


I'm studying digital media in germany.
In my internships I try to focus music branche, especially the 
Neither compositing nor producing are my interests.
In Germany, most musicians don't know how to offer their music (perhaps
mp3.com), nor they can work with other musicians, cause they simply don't
know them.
So I'm studying possibilities to show musicians their international rights,
demonstrate national and international problems with producers,
And last but not least I hope to offer other musicians loops and show
different results of their works and give'em possibilities to work together
in online-projects.
In my opinion, music is the language, everyone understands. Communication
and working with other musicians could offer possibilities to "come
- What would you expect from a non-commercial music web-site?
- Have you ever had problems with copyrights or producers?