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Re: Looper or multitrack?:

stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
> I don't tape or record  ever! Speaking of Jazzers,I have always quoted 
> wise words of the great Eric Dolphy back in the early 60s: "When you hear
> music, after it's over it's gone in the air. You can never capture it
> again." A more pure statement I have never heard...GOINLOOPY...STANNER

just reopening my eyes from a half an hour wonderful trip vith vortex
and plexes

and f...ng wondering why I didnt put the DAT on record

then stared at the computer and seing that I was still online with you
all (almost 1 1/2 h)

then reading just that above blurb

thats too much for tonight

Good night fellows

Going loopy.... 

My ass


PS: :=)