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Re: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

>Matthias Grob wrote:
>>  >You're right as there is no beat sync sent while in sync:in it sadly
>>  >doesnt work in this mode
>>  Less bad:
>>  If the EDP is slave (Sync = IN), it does not generate pulses to come
>>  out of BeatSync or BrotherSync, but the MIDIclock coming in is sent
>>  out of the BrotherSync RING. So just adapt your cable using a stereo
>>  connector...
>>  I just did it and it WORKED!
>ing.dipl. M. Grob
>A litle drawing would help


>is the brother still working normally (Stereo)

ah, another case... the cable will be an Y then...

>would this work the same way it does now but in all sync modes ???

right, well, with Sync = IN only if you really receive a sync.

>  > >Mathias's mod
>>  >
>>  http://www.annihilist.com/loop/LDarchive/200005/msg00000.html
>>  I was not aware of this link... can we somehow change the value of
>>  the cap to 2.2 and add this with the Sync direction explanation?
>Its a link to the mailing list archives
>I guess you're hired to take all those posts, cut copy paste them
>and send the result to brother Kim for the Mathias G. interesting posts
>LD page.

Do I know which are the interesting ones?
Well, in this case you are right. I will mount a paper on "EDP -> Vortex 

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