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Re: Is it possible to sync Vortex to EDP?

>Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:
>>  Aww, pretty please? Since I have my EDP synched to midi, I may never 
>be able
>>  to get my vortex to synch with it.
>>  bIz
>You're right as there is no beat sync sent while in sync:in it sadly
>doesnt work in this mode

Less bad:
If the EDP is slave (Sync = IN), it does not generate pulses to come 
out of BeatSync or BrotherSync, but the MIDIclock coming in is sent 
out of the BrotherSync RING. So just adapt your cable using a stereo 
I just did it and it WORKED!

>what it does :
>the plex emulates a vortex tap tempo push at _cycle_ boundaries
>when you multiply the cycle is not changed
>when you end multiply with quantized/record the plex makes one unified
>cycle of the multiples:
>a multiplied vortex delay time (check vortex man for delay time limits

Oh, thanks, good trick! Quantized MULTIPLY-RECORD = unify multiples.
Mainly interesting for a base built on "granular" short SUS Record... 
Kims speciality...

>when you end multiply with unQ/record the plex makes one cycle off the
>just determined time:
>a new vortex delay time

You say this for Sync = OUT, right?
Because with the Sync = IN situation above, you can do any multiply 
or whatever function and BrotherSync will just continue to translate 
the incoming MIDIclock.

>now when you play some music thru this it depends on ....the music

...which depends on... ?

>Mathias's mod

I was not aware of this link... can we somehow change the value of 
the cap to 2.2 and add this with the Sync direction explanation?

          ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org