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Re: edp rudimentary set up?

In a message dated 5/12/00 2:30:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
matthias@grob.org writes:

> >I think i understand what Brian means i asked Kim the same question and 
>  >is: can the EDP copy the length of loop 1 into loop 2 with
>  >just one button press? the answer is unfortunately no. you need to 
>have a
>  >second press of RECORD to end the loop 2 where you want it to end.
>  >I hope this is what you mean?
>  >adios!
>  >Luis
>  This sounds too sad to me!
>  The whole operation concept of the EDP is based on opening and 
>  closing functions, there is almost nothing you can do with just one 
>  press. Just imagine the number of keys (and foot switches!) necessary 
>  to access all in one hit!
>  At least we avoided the "press two keys at once" kind of operation.
i don't feel it sad at all.......some of are jamman users that recently 
got a hold of a edp and are trying to get the edp to react like the 
jamman(for now).........my jamman set up is rigged so ALL functions are 
engaged with ONE press of a button...........granted the edp has MANY more 
feature than the jamman.........so it's off to my room to continue to 
decipher this sucker they call the edp