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Re: Listen to This...

adding to the list.. 

nurse with wound.. anything complete improv
John Zorn.. anything and everything 
Last Exit... live in toyko
Bill Laswell  ... ( drummer in last exit ) also any of his works..
Bordems .. looping noise. and them some.. 
Tribes of Nurot.. Neurosis's other project, tis the ambience in there live
Crash Worship.. see them live.. three drummers and many other musicans, as
well as tape loops galore
Throbing Gristle.. IBM tape machines and many many effects.. 


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On Mon, 8 May 2000, Michael LaMeyer wrote:

> Far out, I've already seen more than a few things I think I need to check
> out.  A handful I had to mention:
> Steve Tibbetts - anything at all really, a great looper
>                          Yr is his first album, considered a definitive
> recording by people who like to
>                           be quoted, I think it's pretty groundbreaking,
> could use a little more bass
>                           (sorry Steve, I know you did it in your 
> on an 8-track, right?)
>                           Safe Journey opens with a fairly intense track 
> then settles into some
>                           of the best textural, "ambient" music I've 
>heard -
> lots of subtlety, esp. that
>                           bizarre bell tone in the last track, sounds 
> he miked a cute little
>                           resonant bell and then fed the signal through a
> phase/delay feedback loop
>                           turning it into the Buddha Bell from Mars
>                           Exploded View is probably one of the most 
> guitar albums I've
>                           ever heard - listen to Name Everything and you
> know what I mean.  It's
>                           like he got into a serious recording facility 
> the first time and went
>                           ballistic.  Lots of phenomenal tape loop
> manipulation weirdness here
> Aphex Twin - esp. the Digeridoo track, one artist who makes me wonder 
> the f**k IS that?"
> Uakti - another vote! make their own acoustic instruments & hit them with
> subtlety, thank you Brazil!
> Zap Mama - mmmmmmmmmm
> Leo "Mr. Fingers" Kottke - says his singing sounds like a crow farting, 
> dig the album
>                          "Standing in  My Shoes"
> Love,
> Mike