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Re: playground samples suggestion

Or you could make it into a legitimate learning experience for the kids.  
to the school office, get permission to do the samples, and then do a
hands-on show 'n tell for the class.  Bring in your looper gear and show
them what it is you do.  Next thing ya know you'll have every kid on the
block wanting to do it, maybe even some of the girls.  :-)


Mike McGary wrote:

> > With a decent boom mike and a Mini Disc recorder you could grab a nice
> > sample any afternoon at the local elementary school.
> Not to beat a dead horse.  But you should go by the school office first.
> Most schools run a pretty tight ship these days.  You shouldn't have
> any trouble at all getting permission...but you'll probably have to
> wear a visitor's badge.
>     -Mike McGary