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FS: Stuff -You Loop Crazy Guys & Gals!

Hey Folks,

Though I've been in lurk mode mostly, I've enjoyed the recent rounds on
creativity and uncreativity. Helpful to me. In fact, I'm taking the
plunge into Guitar-land in getting a Z-tar guitar-like midi controller.
It will handle my synths as they go into the Boomerang Phrase Sampler. A
very cool piece of gear. Its part of my on-going quest for alternative
controllers that allow more of "you/me" to be involved, hence the
Theremin and infrared light-beam controllers in my studio. Just trying
to answer that question:  what's the most comfortable, theta wave
producing, endorphrin rush inducing manner in which to produce the theta
wave producing, endorphrin rush inducing sound?". Took me 20 years to
get to this place. I'm wondering what "bliss-ergonomics you guys have
figured out.

Oh yeah, for sale:

Mint condition Boss Dr. Sample 202 w/ 4meg Smart Media card     $210 + 

Mint condition Boss SX-700 Effects Processor (with Surround pre-sets.
You ain't lived until you've looped in surround ! ;-))          $235 +ship

Mint condition  Korg AM 8000R  Fx Processor--Silver sister to the DL
with "warp" knob and read-out you can see from Texas!   $360 + Ship

Mint condition Roland JP 8080 with 4meg Smart Media card.               
Ok, $850 + Shipping.

All Pre-pay and I have many references. 

Thanks all,

John Hunter
Black Lotus Sound