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Re: modded EDP/bending

I've got his arm! Someone take the soldering iron! Look out! He's got wire
cutters! :-)

I wouldn't advise it, as it's software-based. If you screwed up a perfectly
good EDP, just think how you'd feel telling the list about it...

Circuit bending's generally much more productive on a device with a chip
that's deeper than the interface would appear, that is, in order to cut
production costs, there are fewer features than the IC supports [e.g.
low-end Casios; the SK-1 is the archetypal circuit-bending guinea pig], or
in a device which wasn't designed for strictly musical purposes [like a
Speak & Spell], but uses a similar chip. This is often because the same
chip could be used in several different devices, and it would be cheaper
than designing a different one for each model. More sophisticated equipment
usually has more features/controls/parameters already occupying those
pin-outs, or software that really doesn't like encountering alternate
circuit paths, so you'd probably get your most dramatic and rewarding
results bending the cheap stuff, and you wouldn't be risking destroying
something valuable.

Here's a question (albeit with only an implied on-topicality): What kinds
of equipment, off-the-wall and otherwise, have you guys had good luck or
horror stories bending? Discarded answering machines, talking toys, broken
CD players, cheapo keyboards... (Of course, then you'd have to have looped
it to stay on topic, but that's the logical progression anyway!)


At 06:08 PM 3/26/00 EST, you wrote:
>has anyone experimented with modifying an EDP?
>adding a few knobs and switches to the thing, ala bending?
>im afriad(seeing the shortage)to just start poking around the thing for 
>of frying the thing