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Re: Godin ACS

I've had an ACS for about 2 years. Love it!
1. The switch controls a frequency cutoff, that as far as I can tell on my
guitar has no effect whatsoever.
2. Guitar sounds exactly the same thru both outputs.
3. I've never triggered an external synth, just the GR-30, but I've always
been under the impression that using an external synth would not be
responsive in both tracking and pitch as the internal non-midi triggered
voices of the GR-30.
Doug Miller

> 1. I didn't get a manual. What does the two way switch do? I understand
> the sliders and the S1 and S2...
> 2. I have only used the hex output, so I don't know what range of sounds
> the direct out has compared to the hex. Any comments?
> 3. I notice when triggering external synths, I often get notes 1/2 step
> flat even though the guitar in (as close as possible) perfect tune. I
> have checked sequencer and synth settings, but this still happens at
> illogical times. Anyone experienced this or better yet have some
> 'solution'?