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Re: Looper realbook 3 out!!! (was looper tablature)

sheesh, Jesús was making a joke. (ok, maybe not a very good one..:-)  I
swear you guys have no sense of humor at all. I'm not sure, but my theory
is some of you are listening to too much of that Fripp guy.


p.s., I have four vintage 256k simms I pulled from a Mac Plus in 1986, they
sound awesome in the echoplex! Distorted tritones have have a certain airy
quality, with hints of chocolate, glen livet, and marshmallow, with a long
spicy finish not unlike a habanero hamburger. DRAM today is all made in
Taiwan and Korea, and it just doesn't sound the same as the old American
stuff! You need this! and I desperately need to buy a new porsche, so I'm
prepared to let these go for just $15k + shipping! (I think that will cover
the down payment.)  thanks!

>Don't worry. I expect Kim will rip him a new a**hole
>before too long.
>--- Keenan Lawler <klaw@konstant.com> wrote:
>> tritones)....please..........
>> now we have someone offering to trade a jm(7 in
>> stock ) in addition to a
>> fee of  $300
>> including shipping -     absurd
>> somebody else PLEASE say something here before this
>> guy gets RIPPED OFF !
>> concerned & not amused     K.L.
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