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Re: Looper realbook 3 out!!! (was looper tablature)

I'm just a wannabe looper so maybe I don't know of which I speak (or type)
but it seems to me, that a loop is a loop. If the EDP is capturing a good
full range of sound, how could it be less than the JamMan, especially since
the EDP can capture a much longer loop than the JM?
Doug Miller

> Ok normally im content to sit back & not  get involved with something
> like this -not that ive seen anything quite like this mind you   but 
> seeing  Tom Verlaine's Jazzmaster approaching $11k  on ebay ,i have to 
> something -
> All the music in the world sounds better on an EDP except Phill Keaggy
> 'swhich of course sounds better on a jam man-?(must be those
> tritones)....please..........
> now we have someone offering to trade a jm(7 in stock ) in addition to a
> fee of  $300
> including shipping -     absurd
> somebody else PLEASE say something here before this guy gets RIPPED OFF !