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Re: roland dr.sample/smart media card questions

> what should I expect to pay for a 4mb card?  Does it have to be a roland?

Alas this is the only question I can answer because I use a MC505 (With my
looping gear -OT!)

Any appropriate Volt  2 or 4 Mg smart media card should work. The MC505 
uses 5vt
but check your SP202 manual for the actual specs you need. Roland's cards 
are the
most expensive available. You can find useable cards at plenty of online 
for a fraction of their price. These days a 4 MG card goes for about 
$15-20 max.
I bought one from a place up in Canada a few months ago and it cost $17+$5 
= $22
shipped and arrived in three days. You can find sources for these by 
for smart media on Pricewatch.com

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