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Re: Meadowlark Lemon Trio/Quartet

At 12:14 AM 3/22/00 +0100, you wrote:
>interesting how this miles 70's thing has attracted SO many musicians in
>the last couple years.
>e.g. wadada smith and henry kaiser, bobby previte's bitches brew thang
>and ponga, tim hagan's last blue note album, bob belden's live stuff,
>... etc.
>was miles just THAT far ahead of the rest of us? and i remember how
>everyone (me too) used to trash his 70's stuff ... in the 80's of
>course. ;-)

My improv teacher and independent research project advisor in college made
similar statements in reaction to me playing an Allan Holdsworth tape for
him. "Fusion just can't seem to get away from Miles Davis!"

For clarification, the band I was talking about is not a Miles Davis
tribute band any more than a jazz big band is a "Duke Ellington tribute
band" just because they play two Ellington compositions out of 10 songs. :)
 The kid I was talking about may sound like Miles now, but remember he's
only 18 years old.  Some jazz musician said that the process starts with
imitating your heroes first, then discovering your own sound later.  On the
other hand, John's stated favorite trumpet player is not Miles, but Dave
Douglas, who sounds quite different.

Have I confused you enough? :)