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RE: Drum machine for loops / echoplex

> Here's the problem; when I hit 'record' the EDP doesn't start right
> away. I know that it has to wait for
> the next clock signal or something. Also , when I'm done
> recording my loop , the
> EDP doesn't stop right away.

The beauty of the EDP is that this behaviour is configurable.  I keep mine
configured as you have yours set...this allows two of us to have loops
that have some relation in time (we don't have to have the same 
at least we have some common denominator).

Check out the synch parameters.  It doesn't have to use the incoming midi
for a synch...and it doesn't have to wait for the next '1' beat, either.
I don't have my unit or manual in front of me, or I would tell you which
parameters you need to mess with.

     -Mike McGary