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Digitech PMC-10 sysex woes

Thanks Sean & Claude for the Raymond pointers.  i
hooked everything up last night, and Raymond seems to
be just the ticket, but I'm having a problem.  The
Raymond-generated sysex I send out to the pedal
doesn't stick.

I can see that the sysex is getting to the PMC-10 'cuz
the display chnages (blank with a star/asterisk on the
far left side - is this the correct behavior?) when it
is being sent, and the display then changes back when
the upload is complete.  But none of the patches,
banks, or sets make it into the pedal.

I've tried sending the sysex from raymond & from
cakewalk & tried 2 different midi ports out of the pc.
I tried sending a single bank with a single patch, to
a program containing several of each (~1600 bytes).
Raymond reports that the upload was successful, the
number of bytes, and that 1 program had been sent.  I
can send program changes out from the pedal OK.  I've
upgraded to PROM version 2.1 and confirmed with the
pedal-7-at-powerup check.

The only think I can think of (kinda a longshot) is
that when I opened her up to install the upgrade, the
4.5 V battery looked a bit old/coroded, so i'm on my
way to replace it...since the battery is probably used
to retain state at power-off, I don't see how that
would come into play here.

Can someone clue me in on the secret handshake to get
the PMC-10 to recieve sysex successfully?



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