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OT: LED strobe light ball

very off topic, but I don't know who else to ask ...

I'm looking for a certain LED light effect device. The device consists of 
postcard-sized base which contains the electronics and the motor, and some 
sort of a metal ring (ca. 10 cm diameter) which spins rapidly. The ring 
features a number of green and red LED lights which, while the ring is 
spinning, give the illusion of a sphere. Now depending on the amplitude 
(and frequency?) of music that is played, the ring spins in different 
speeds, and the LED lights are lighted in different patterns.

People told me this thing is available in the US. I haven't been able to 
find it in Germany or England, and I couldn't find any online information. 
Does anyone know what these things are called, if they have a website, and 
where one can order them?

=       michael peters
=       electronic music & strange attractors
=       http://www.mpeters.de/mpeweb