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Re: LOL shirts?

Jim Carter wrote:
> ps I like the idea of including "unsubscribe" or maybe even
> "stop sending me this shit"

I hereby vote that any official merchandise include an "LD's Greatest

-- "Does anyone know where I can find an Oberheim Echoplex?"
-- "Why am I getting all these e-mails from you people?!"
-- "Denis Taaffe and backing tracks"
-- "Uns**********ibe"
-- "[insert off-topic arbitrary psychoacoustic phenomenon thread here]"
-- "OT: Torn Gig"
-- "[insert off-topic, multiple-day Objectivism/Millenial End-year/Evils
of capitalism thread here]"
-- "Sorry, that was supposed to go private, not to the list!!!"
-- "[insert off-topic guitar-synth thread here]"
-- "Bill Frissel" 
-- "JamMan/Vortex/Echoplex auction at $35,000 and counting..."