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Re: R8/R5 Human Rhythm Composers

What about the r-70 series? are they the same? I'm considering replaceing 
DR-5 with something that sounds better percussion wise-


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From: Todd Madson <crash@waste.org>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 3:37 PM
Subject: R8/R5 Human Rhythm Composers

>You can do a lot with the Roland Human Rhythm composers.
>Besides realistic percussion performances, you can run the output
>thru a vortex and generate really cool counter-rhythms using the
>tap tempo to perform on the beat or askew polyrhythms.
>But for MIDI purposes, you can program a bank of pads so that the
>pads generate a different MIDI note on to trigger an external MIDI
>device or sampler.
>I actually use the internal voices as well as the MIDI out to
>trigger synths and other gear.
>Since these drum machines have separate outs for various sounds,
>and since the R5 has several bass samples which can be tuned, I've
>directed the bass samples to one or two particular outputs, tuned
>them up two octaves and then processed and looped them.  It sounds
>like no other synth I've ever heard.
>I hear Steve Tibbets supposedly used an R8 to trigger samplers on
>"Fall of us all" but who knows?  Try it.
>If you tire of the internal drum voices, you can use a bank to
>trigger drum samples (or whatever) on an external device.
>The R5 is pretty cool as it has a unaffected rock kit, processed
>rock kit (very 80s), electronic kit (ditto), jazz kit (very nice)
>and latin percussion (congas, timbale, etc.)
>As far as programming, there are two modes:
>SONGS are a collection of patterns.
>PATTERNS are a collection of rhythms of a particular duration.
>PATTERNS can be a particular length (loop!) and time signature.
>You can play patterns or songs.
>And you can "play" the pads with your fingers while it plays as well.
>Only limitation: 12 voice polyphony.  That's why the tuned-up basses
>I have are vortexed and delayed for a swirling echo pattern.
>anyway.  check 'em out.  I've seen R5's used for $175 (to think I paid
>$600 for mine back in 1991 or so).
>It's just barely on topic, but what the hey.