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Re: Digitech PMC-10 programming pad?

Stephen wrote:
> I had downloaded Raymond but not taken a very close
> look at it....someone had told me that it was more of
> a librarian than and editor, but looking at it just
> now, it looks to be much more promising than I had
> originally thought.  So one can do *all* the editing
> from raymond, you say?

YEP as any software there are upgrades and Sean didnt *advertise*
outside this very select club <G>

> btw, unfortunately Sean's website appears to be no
> longer avaible.

Beuh ?? I went there to get the URL before I replied to your post ?? 

> > I don't use my remote since raymond came out
> So that means you have one to sell? ;-)

---NAH--- its broken (almost) :-)

Raymond is very solid and Sean is behind him if you'd discovered some


PS: some positive mails to him with a mention of cut copy and paste in
Raymond ???

with all the ease of use we'll need some cleaning and cloning sometimes