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Re: four-channel output/surround reverb

another way would be to implement a software solution. i visited some
lectures at the sound design department at the technical university in
berlin a year or so ago where they work on octaphonics. they showed us
software for "drawing" pans between the 8 speakers. of course, these
channels could contain "dry" signals or effect returns (e.g. reverb) or
whatever. the composers there have done many pieces requiring this

unfortunately, the music they do is very intellectual - you're usually
given a philosophical text to examine while listening to the piece - you
know, ram the information that is sound through the transformation
matrices of our brains's intrinsic perceptual encoding system.

and not to forget: stockhausen was doing really great things with
multisource sound back in the 60's (e.g. worldex at osaka).


Dennis W. Leas schrieb:
> Hello Loopers!
> I've been experimenting with four-channel looping.  That is, looping 
> four discrete output channels.  Looping sounds that rotate in your sonic 
> etc...
> How do you do four-channel reverb?  Every reverb unit I'm familiar with 
> stereo at most and mono at least.  Anybody doing four-channel or 
> reverberation?  Any links?  Ideas?
> Dennis Leas
> -----------------------------
> dennis@mdbs.com