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Re: Philly Electro-Experimental

In a message dated 3/21/2000 3:34:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Loopers-Delight-d-request@annihilist.com writes:

> > I recommend you all put your thumb and first finger in the shape of an 
>  > (for Looper) and hold it over your forehead while you walk around the
>  club.
>  >
>  LOL! Seriously, here's a simple idea for a t-shirt that kinda
>  says it for me: An illustration of a Mobius Strip beneath the
>  words Looper's Delight. Small version printed on the front left
>  pocket area, large version on the back.
>  Any comments? Any other proud loopers think this would be
>  a cool T?
>  - Larry
I could probably make this happen... been screen-printing for about a 
now and work in a shop owned by a very cool guy who lets me do jobs on the 
side all the time... could work it out so that some of the cash goes to 
LD website.  just food for thought.