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Re: Mother Mallard's Mobius Tape Loop

>"A few of our pieces, like Steve's CERES MOTION employed the use of a
>mobius strip tape loop. Gordon Mumma turned us on to these. They came
>in various time lengths. You could tape something live and at the end
>of the tape, turn off the record button and play it back instantly. Each
>of us had a stopwatch to keep track of the loop lengths. The first part
>of CERES MOTION is what is now commonly called a pad. Steve and I recorded
>the pad (around 5 minutes), played it back instantly, and being a loop,
>it would go on forever until we turned off the tape recorder."

Interesting read...

I must admit, though, that I still don't understand how a mobius strip 
tape loop
is much different than a two-sided tape loop.  I mean apart from requiring 
on BOTH sides.  Wouldn't a regular tape loop of twice the length produce 
same result?  I think I missed something.

Dennis Leas