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Re: FYI: Mother Mallard's Mobius Tape Loop

Thanks for reminding me, it's shameless plug time :-)

We (Mother Mallard) are playing at the Smithsonian in Washington DC 
on Saturday, April 15, with special guest Keith Emerson.

For more info:

The band web page is at:

I understand the venue is fairly small, so if you want to go, it 
would be wise to purchase tickets in advance.

To get back to the thread, tangentially: when we performed Ceres 
Motion in October, we recorded the intro live to DAT at a rehearsal, 
then used ProTools to crossfade a few cycles of it together onto 
another DAT which was played back in performance.  We'll probably use 
that same "tape" loop in April.  Ah well.


Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com