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RE: OT sudden torn revision

>     ok, look there is only one real DT and that's me, Denis Taaffe, who
> is this imposter David Torn>? hahah. Actually, I think David Torn may be 
> little older than me. I actually remember a soundpage in Guitar Player 
> David Torn, am I right about this?. I still have it on cassette 
> It was very cool back then. SO who is the real DT? Is there space in the
> world for Two? hhaa.I had only been playing for maybe three years when 
> soundpage came out.Back then, I thought it was cool, but I didn't grasp 
> he was doing with those long delays. . Some nice stuff though!!!! So 
> if your reading this , how about filling us in on how that soundpage came
> about and what it was like for you when it came out?
yup, well:
yoo younguns cain't *possibly* spect me to r'member, kin ya's?