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Re: Where to head next: (Was --> Re: Philly Electro-Experimental)

>Does anyone have a suggestion on where I should head next?  I'm looking 
semi low-profile artists you guys
> absolutely love that I have not yet stumbled upon...anyone come to mind?

Well... an ideal place would be to start with the Looper's Delight CD

For an intro to looping and the LD musicians I can't think of a better 
album to
buy and with a few more sales on CD#1 We can finally get the first support 
in Kim's hands and contribute something cashwise to the LD website.

Here's full info, a track listing, as well as ordering instructions and a 
out form for  the Looper's Delight CD#1 and a link to the LD website and 
LD CDs as well:


For those web impaired:

To Order this CD please Send $12 (in the US) or $13 (from canada and the 
rest of
the World) payable in US funds to:
Help Wanted Productions - PO Box 2205, Phila., Pa 19103.
Mark LDCD#1 and PLEASE remember to include a legible return address.

Loop on!
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