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Re: MP3 to WAV? How?

whats up,
I had the same problem, until about a week ago. I wanted to add mp3's to a 
CD. Here's how I did it:
You must have winamp to do it.

1st. Open winamp, than press ctrl + p, which opens a box with winamp 

2nd. Under the "plug-ins" options go to output.

3rd. Under the output plugging box on the double click on the option that 
states :
Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v1.0 (x86) [OUT_DISK.DL

Choose the directory you want your WAV file to appear in when finished 
recording. After you have done this close the winamp preferences window 
and open a file. Mp3 or mp2 what ever file type you want to be converted 
to wav. And than press press play. Now when you do this, it will play very 
very very fast and you wont hear a thing. and immediately you will think, 
man I screwed up my winamp. You didn't. Its just recording it to a WAV 
file. After you have recorded everything you need. Check the directory you 
chose and the files should be in that folder. than to make your winamp 
start playing files again open the winamp preferences again by hitting 
ctrl+p and than to plugins than to out put and click on the option 
directly above the one you chose before. close the window and your mp3's 
and wav files should play normally again.
that's what worked for me, because i have a cd full of mp3's. hope that 
helped ya!