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Re: Philly Electro-Experimental

What is it with this list lately, where one of you will put up some obscure
quote, or statement...just to make a point, and it opens up a can of worms
where you all try to out-intellectualize each other?

Reading email that is interesting to me, and pertinent to the music form i

Your narrow minded rants are geting boring.  Imagine if i tore someone a
new asshole, just because they used a Headrush to get the job done, and me,
i used an EDP.  And then a few other people chimed in, telling just how
OBVIOUS it was that the Jam Man was the supreme deal.  My DL4 can beat up
your RDS...

It's the same thing your doing...just with your politics, your philosophy,
your favorite authors, your opinions...

shut up and get the job done.


At 11:56 PM 3/20/00 +0100, you wrote:
>SketchyJoe@aol.com schrieb:
>> Discipline is a function of order.  If a being functions and works 
>within a
>> set of rules without a second party enforcing these rules, that being is
>> excersizing discipline.  Bliss (or happiness) emerges from working
within the
>> rules to the point at which the rules are forgotten.
>This philosophy is deep middle age ... sorry, get up to date. Try Erik H.
>Erikson or Lawrence Kohlberg to learn the new (education) theory.
>> I was thinking about this as I was driving home from my day job (grade
>> music teacher).  Children work best under rules.
>> This gives them a structure
>> in which to be a well-behaved member of society.
>"a well behaved member of society?" ... or a conform, uncritical member 
>of a
>nearly fascist community? ... wake up, we are living in the year 2000,
1960 is
>> When this structure is not
>> apparent or if the rules they are taught come in conflict with other
>> patterns, they act out.
>It's not true ... I work with children/kids, too and I teach (better say
>animate) them, to set their own rules ... people have to learn, to get 
>responsable for their acting, not to obey fix, given rules.
>Help your kids ... teach them to think free.
>> In the same way, we react against patterns that come
>> in conflict with our own models for existence.  It's like trying to
>> understand 13/8 when all you've heard is 6/8 or 4/4.
>Sorry, this is bullshit ... music is deep inside humans and it's one or
>> Or trying to listen to
>> something like Schoenberg when your concept of "classical" music is as
>> contemporary as Beethoven.  I personally try to teach that the
exploration of
>> these boundries reveals that they are only temporary at best and that 
>> all are stepping stones to more abstract concepts that are still part of
>> same whole.
>> Machines are the only truly disciplined beings: Work to your
>> computational limit (and that's why I torture machines without pity).
>Torture machines? ...torturing yourself would be better, the
>machines/instruments just helps you, to explain your feelings.
>> As you
>> may guess, I'm not a very fun teacher.
>That I'll belive for shure!!! ... my kids love me, not because i'm weak 
>or to
>soft, but I try to understand them.
>And don't forget ... childrens are humans, too ... just in case you 
>Not later, now -, your thinkings made me furious.
>> Later!
>> Joe