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RE: OT sudden torn revision

        ok, look there is only one real DT and that's me, Denis Taaffe, who
is this imposter David Torn>? hahah. Actually, I think David Torn may be a
little older than me. I actually remember a soundpage in Guitar Player with
David Torn, am I right about this?. I still have it on cassette somewhere.
It was very cool back then. SO who is the real DT? Is there space in the
world for Two? hhaa.I had only been playing for maybe three years when that
soundpage came out.Back then, I thought it was cool, but I didn't grasp 
he was doing with those long delays. . Some nice stuff though!!!! So DT#1,
if your reading this , how about filling us in on how that soundpage came
about and what it was like for you when it came out?


Denis Taaffe aka the other DT

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torn & will calhoun (last minute addition: what a pal, will is!)