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Jamman Prices!?!?!

Here is an excerpt from an email sent to those on the www.pedalman.com 
mailing list: 

just in! LEXICON JAMMAN LOADED with FULL UPGRADE 32 seconds EXC $750

just in! LEXICON JAMMAN Double Footswitch $ebay auction click here

(end of excerpt)

That seems like an awful high price for a jamman and they don't even 
include the foot switch. Now, I know the jamman is a great unit, but 
somehow I don't think that it is worth *that* much. It just seems that the 
prices on jammans are rather overinflated for some reason. I think part of 
it might be due to the fact that the EDP has been out of production for 
awhile now. Anyone else think that the prices on the jamman are getting 

Even the price on used EDP's is getting incredibly high. The last one that 
was on Ebay was sold for $979.38! I wish Gibson would hurry up and get the 
Echoplex out and into the stores. Is there much of a chance that once the 
Trace Elliot Echoplex's finally start getting shipped that prices on used 
Oberheim models will go down and be at the same level of other gear when 
comparing the new versus used prices? 

Maybe it's not that high though. The EH 16 Second Digital Delays still 
easily sell for around a grand. But I'm still crossing my fingers in hope 
that prices on the Oberheim EDP will get down to a reasonable level in the 
near future.

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