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Re: Mixer Comments Solicitation...

Well, folks, it's done.

I bought a Mackie 1202-VLZ at Project One in Hollywood - felt much better
about going with a store instead of potentially duplicating the Car From
Hell Syndrome already experienced via the unfortunate purchase of an 88 
86?) Saab from a private owner (who was actually a wholesaler and, believe
it or not, returned to his native France three days after the check
cleared...).  Anyway!  It was only $279, because it wasn't a VLZ Pro,
"merely" a VLZ.  When I'd bought it, though, suddenly there were all these
other folks in the store that were singing its praises as well.  I feel 
better, and love the text on the side of the box with the packing symbols!
Looks like these yeggs have a sense of humor as well.

And OooOOooooooh, it's soooo clean.... (mentally avoiding gushing and
orgasmic sounds) (panting)

What this lovely 12-track replaces is a pair of 4-tracks (Yamaha and 
belts shot!) and a KM602 keybd mixer (my God, the noise!) that were
practically stuck together with tape.  Tomorrow I'm going to post a loop
that's the first Loop of the Week recorded using the mixer, and required
absolutely NO Noise Reduction whatsoever.  I was so ecstatic about the
quality of signal that I went out and bought a footswitch for the Time
Machine, which will make performing a lot more simple than before... 
I'm doing what one could call an Acid Test, but without the Acid (like
there's any of THAT around any more!), so it's really a well-developed 
which, ultlimately, results in more performances!

This evening the experiment also includes projected (and sound-synced)
graphics... so hopefully there'll be some slack jaws in the group tonight 
a result. :)

Thanks so much for all of your help, however remotely, on this.  Looper's
Delight strikes again!

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net