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EDP FS on harmony central

just saw this and thought i would pass it along...

Oberheim Echoplex Pro w/ footpedal

Asking Price: US$750
Condition: Mint
Age: 1 year

     Oberheim Echoplex Pro w/ footpedal,& manual. A state of the art
looping device with advanced
     programmability. Capable of several layers of simultaneously looped
guitar (and/or keyboard
     parts).Comes with original memory- expandable - over a minute of
recording/looping time.
     Great for live or recording.
     (buyer pays shipping) References can be supplied.

Seller: Jake Bell, (860) 435 9969
E-mail: jbell@dreamtrax.com (Profile)
ICQ#: 28071841
Post Date: 3/16/2000