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Re: OT: torn/calhoun broadcast on wnyc 'newsounds' YES! YES!

just did a quick search and found the following . . .


SUPPOSEDLY,  the show will be live broadcast streamed--- between this and
Mike Peters aural snippets, I'm spending alot of QUALITY time on the
computor today

I can't get the WNYC audio stream to load with Windows Media Player 6.01 so
I'm upgrading to 6.4 as we speak (you can do this from the Microsoft Link 
the above site)

hope this isn't like trying to get a stream from the Knitting Factory 
has caused many deep bruises for my forehead and computor monitor the last
few times I tried)

drone on~~~~~~~~~~
Tom Lambrecht

PS I too would be interested in a recording of this gig for those of you
fortunate enough to go--also, with ALL due respect to David T.(how about
pressing some of these, David--one live CD from you is NOT enough)

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> >tn,
> >yeah:
> >concert will be recorded by john schaefer (new sounds) of wnyc/npr 
new york, for broadcast o>nly.
> >there 'tis, then.
> >beast rig arts,
> >dt
>   Will this perhaps be broadcast via Internet? Anybody have the scoop?
>   I would love to hear this!
> Later,
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