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Re: torn/calhoun in nyc 3/16

Someone record it please! All due respect to dt of course- Personal 
and enjoyment intended-


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Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2000 5:04 AM
Subject: OT: torn/calhoun in nyc 3/16

> folks,
> fyi
> me'n'will calhoun are performing at
> merkin (!) hall, w.67th st / lincoln center / nyc
> thurs, 3/16, 8pm
> {yes, s'true: will is replacing terry bozzio.}
> on a bill w/vernon reid, & benjamin verdery.
> part of john schaefer's wnyc 'newsounds' series.
> some looping will, indeed, occur.
> the guitar may not be dead, quite yet, but it's emergence from this
is eagerly awaited..... by some.
> best,
> dt