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RE: Digest problem

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From: kojaque [mailto:kojaque@email.msn.com]
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2000 5:55 PM

The digest is sent to me as a series of individual attachments.  I have to
then open them one at a time which is a royal pain.  I am using the 
Outlook Express and compared to some of you out there I guess I am still
quite an email novice.  Is there a way to adjust some parameters to receive
them in one page scrollable form or is this just the way the digest will
have to  come to me.
I know what you mean. I've been getting mine like that since they switched
us over to OE here at work. It was a bit annoying at first, but you might
find it's easier if you want to select the threads you are interested in. 
only complaint now is that the little envelopes are all stuffed into a tiny
frame at the bottom of the screen, with a huge expanse of nothing above,
making it necessary to scroll down to see what else is there.
Does anybody know of a solution?
Jim (a different one)