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RE: GIBSON Echoplex DP

Why not contact Alto music, give 'em your credit card, and have them post
I live in Aus. too, and have sourced a peavey PM-16 this way cheaper than
locally.  They sting you with duty and sales tax, but after the GST, you 
be better off because sales tax will be zero instead of around 20%.


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cameron wrote:
>  Well Eric.  The Echoplex is going to be $5000 in
> Australia,  I've never had 5grand in my life.
> Stop complaining please.
> I'm thinking about unsubscribing, I can't handle
> reading about them all the time. It really hurts.

eeee gads!  is this true?  $5000 ??? $5500 with GST ??? ouch.